Fast, Easy, Quick Payday Loans


It’s a general belief that payday loans are meant to squeeze out the consumer’s hard earned money (and you are charge high rates of interest for this type of loan). If you chose intelligently, then putting in the work to find a low cost payday loans can actually save you a lot of money. So beside the loan companies those charge high interest rates, go for the affordable low cost payday loans available with lower interest rates and flexible terms.

A typical charge for a payday loan is from $10 (very low to $17.50 for every $100 borrowed, but, as was just stated, the rates are all over the board. One trick is to search on a term like "$10 for every $100 payday loan" or "cheap rates for payday loans". Advertising changes quickly, so the same term does not always work, but try serveral variations on the theme to identify the best vendor.

7 TIPS on finding a low fee payday loan (repeated from main page).

  1. Go online and compare at least three payday loan vendors. A typical charge for a payday loan is $10 (very low) to $17.50 for every $100 borrowed, but this rate will vary greatly.
  2. Look at three items: lower upfront fees, lower interest rates, longer repayment periods.
  3. You may not get this information right at first, so be patient. You may have to look at their frequently asked question section.
  4. Put the numbers on paper for the fees, the interest rates,and repayment period for each payday loan.
  5. Payday loan vendors do not often come right out and post their fees and interest, but they will eventually have to disclose them.
  6. Search online for the term "payday loan lender comparison." This site does not specifically endorse vendors. One site shows lenders who ask a fee of $17.64 for every $100 borrowed. This is said to be a good rate, but then do a search on a term like "$10 for every $100 payday loan" and you might find someone advertising lower.
  7. Military personel can qualify for a military payday loan. The following site is devoted to providing miliatry loan information: ... you can go there by clicking here.
  8. I said seven tips, but here is an eigth... Have you considered alternatives to payday loans? For example, you could: (a) look at a short term loan from a credit union, (b) try to negotiate with your creditors with the help of a credit counseling service, (c) overdraft protection from banks have high fees but may work.







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